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   Eric began his wildlife photography at the age of 16 in 1970, under the leadership of his elder brother Alain and his father Jean, who was a true precursor in the matter. From the outset, he became passionate about the fauna of the Alps, and devoted all his free time to furrowing the mountain. At the end of his medical studies, he decided to make his passion his profession and exploited his images around the world through a dozen agencies. He quickly diversified his production by making numerous trips to America, Africa, India, Himalayas, etc …
In 1995, he published the book “La Vie Sauvage dans les Alpes”, which received 4 prizes, including the Prix nature 1995, and the Prix Lacroix of the Académie française. His images have distinguished themselves in numerous competitions, in particular those of the BBC, and several times in Montier en Der.
Attracted by threatened species and very little photographed, he carried out between 1998 and 2013, eighteen trips to Mongolia and Central Asia, in search of some of the rarest mammals on the planet: Gobi bear, Snow leopard, Camel Markhor, Mouflon of Marco Polo … In 1998, he started the Video and produced a dozen animal documentaries, including the “Sur les Traces de …” series for the Seasons, TF1 and France 5 channels.
In recent years, he has successfully filmed Snow Leopard in Mongolia, Himalayan Bear and Markhor in Tajikistan, and published a second book on Alpine Fauna in 2014.
Currently he continues his work on the mountain fauna in Video 4K, and prepares a book on the great fauna of Central Asia.


Clip : “La Passion de l’Image”

La passion de l’image animalière from Eric Dragesco on Vimeo.

Interview d’Eric Dragesco dans son bureau, et images sur le terrain.

NB: La peau de panthère qu’on lui a donnée, est celle d’un animal mort dans un zoo, il y a plus d’un siècle…



Kyrgh 9

Photo Isabelle Travadon, ma soeur (femelle Maral, enclos du Parc National de la Naryn (Kirghizistan)

Eric + Fouine

Photo Paul Marchesi (fouine que j’ai gardée plusieurs mois à la maison)


Photo Andrew Dragesco

dragesco 002dragesco 003

Mon père Jean fut l’inventeur du premier “fusil” photographique, appelé “Dragescotard”, en 1947.